Thursday, October 11, 2012

Popular cities in Sweden

The most popular among tourists traditionally in the capital of Sweden - one of the most beautiful cities in the world Stockholm. The city is located on 14 islands on Lake Mälaren and the Strait Norström.
From 13th-century Stockholm is the permanent residence of the Swedish kings, so the city has a long and rich history that can not attract fans of cultural activities. Of particular interest is the old part of town - Gamla Stan, which is located entirely on the island Stadskholmen and closed to vehicles. Here is the famous Royal Palace with the royal chapel and a museum of antique Gustav III, as well as the Palace and the Cathedral Church of St. Nicholas.
As tourists do not disregard and gorgeous Swedish city of Malmö, which is replete with a wide variety of attractions. You can visit the famous Historical and Art Museum, the Gothic Church of St. Petrichyurka, Renaissance town hall and the castle "Malmöhus." Nearby is the town of Ystad the famous church of St. Mary and the monastery Greyfreyyars.
Gothenburg is also one of the most popular cities in Sweden. Here are the beautiful clean beaches, forests and lakes. Picturesque landscapes, for sure, will appeal to all lovers of nature.

resorts in Sweden

 Sweden is famous for its ski resorts, as well as excellent opportunities for outdoor activities. Fishing enthusiasts will also find here the class to taste, it is no wonder Sweden called the country of lakes. There are many rivers and lakes, where you can have a good rest.
One of the most popular resorts in the country is Visby, which is an industrial center with a modern port. Amazing atmosphere prevails, thanks old houses and churches and magnificent flower gardens. According to many historians, Visby is the finest example of early Gothic architecture in Northern Europe.
Also popular among tourists Gothenburg with its rich history and many attractions, including the Museum of Art. Historical and archeological museum in the house of the East India Company and the Concert Hall with a symphony orchestra.
Ski resort Åre, which consists of four villages - Duved, Tegefell, Ope-Bu and Ore-Bjorn, is one of the most popular in Sweden. All villages are linked by bus routes. Tourists can go skiing in the entire complex Ore, regardless of where they are staying.It was here three times already held the World Cup in alpine skiing.

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Visa to Sweden

Before you go to Sweden, is familiar with the rules of entry. So, there are some items that are strictly forbidden to bring into the country. These include: weapons and ammunition, strong medicines without necessary documents, drugs, syringes, poisons, live plants, antiques and art, as well as Automotive Radar.
Allowed to import up to 1 liter of liquor or up to 2 liters of fortified wine, up to 2 liters of table wine and 15 liters of beer and 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco. You can also enter into the territory of Sweden and 500 g of coffee and 100 grams of tea, and 50 g of perfume, 250 ml aftershave.
With regard to the import of dogs and cats, in order to be allowed to enter the country, you must provide proof of vaccination against rabies, written out at least 30 days and a maximum of 12 months prior to entry.
Documents required for a visa to Sweden: a passport valid for at least 3 months after the return of the country, two copies of the first page of the passport, a copy of all the informative pages of internal passport, application form filled out in English or Swedish, two passport photos of the sample, original invitation (guest, business or tourism), health insurance (original and copy), issued on the visa validity period. You must also provide a certificate of income from employment or other documents proving solvency.

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Popular cities in Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic offers a variety of tourist attractions and facilities for an unforgettable stay. Czech town beckons travelers with its great charm, cozy cobblestone streets and unique atmosphere.
First of all, visiting the Czech Republic, tourists flock to the capital - Prague For many centuries, the city delights visitors with its beauty and historical riches, beautiful architecture and famous landmarks, including the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Prague Castle and many others. The historic city center is on the list of world cultural and natural attractions of the UNESCO.
Ostrava, located in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, is also popular among tourists. Feature of the city is that its residents speak a peculiar dialect of the Czech language.
Brno offers tourists to enjoy a unique view from the ramparts and visit the famous castle dungeons.
One of the oldest cities in the Czech Republic is the Olomouc. Here is the oldest university, and numerous monuments of architecture and history. So, Olomouc is also one of the most popular cities in the Czech Republic.

Holidays Czech Republic tourism

Czech Republic has a rich history and culture, and so the tradition of celebrating is especially honored. Holidays Czech Republic are characterized by their brilliance and originality, but because many tourists try to visit the country where there are some ceremonial events or holidays.
Czechs love music and festivals. Still preserved respect for the wedding theatrical performances with ceremonial dances. Rustic wedding is celebrated in a rustic tavern with an invitation to a large number of guests.
Every year on June 17 in South Bohemia begins Carnival - Five-petalled Rose Festival, which is one of the most significant events in the public life of the country. During the carnival hosts the International Music Festival "Cesky Krumlov."
New Year in the Czech Republic is celebrated on 1 January. By the way, December 31 - coincides with the day of St. Sylvester. On this day to have fun, fun, lots of food and drink. January 6 Czechs celebrate Epiphany Catholic or Feast of the Three Kings. Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras in the Czech Republic begins in February. February 14 celebrate Valentine's Day (Valentine's Day).
In the Czech Republic celebrate Easter in the Catholic calendar. This festival is called the second Christmas or New Year. Happy Easter relate diverse beliefs, customs and celebrations. Czechs celebrate May 1 Labour Day, May 8 - Day of Liberation from Fascism. December 25 - Christmas Day.

resorts of Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, everyone will find something to your liking. Here you can admire the medieval castles and fortresses, or relax in the lap of nature. Also, the country is rich in thermal springs, and there are well-developed health tourism. So, resorts Czech always popular.
Czech Republic is among the ten most visited countries in the world, and this is no accident, because the country offers unique opportunities for recreation. Czech spas are famous in the whole world, and therefore tourists from all over the world attend them.
About the healing properties of Czech spas have long been known. The country offers a treatment not only mineral water and hot springs - the very climate cures diseases.
Marianske Lazne - the second largest resort in West Bohemia, which is one of the best resorts in the world. Here the magnificent beauty of nature combined infrastructure and mineral springs.
Franzensbad on the list of the largest resorts in the Czech Republic. Resort town located in the western part of the Czech Republic and is one of the oldest resorts.
The most famous and the world's largest resort of Karlovy Vary was founded six hundred years ago. Here you can enjoy the unique natural atmosphere.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The geographical position of Croatia

Croatia has a favorable geographical position, so that it becomes one of the most popular tourist destinations. Located at the crossroads leading to Central Europe and the Mediterranean, Croatia is at the same time to the two regions. This - Mediterranean-Danube Region. Croatia extends in an arc from the Danube River in the north-east to the west to the Istrian peninsula and south to Boka Kotor.
Croatia borders with five countries: Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Montenegro. By the way, with Slovenia and Montenegro, Croatia also has sea borders. But with Italy, Croatia has only maritime border.
Croatia is an area 56,538 square meters. km, the area of ​​its territorial waters - 31,067 square meters. km. Continental coastline of the country is much indented, but because historically the country has a lot of ports and berths. Croatia also owned about 1,185 islands and islets along the Adriatic coast. Only 66 of them are inhabited. The largest Croatian island - Krk. Its total area - 409 km2.
Croatia is located in the north, mainly lowlands and plains: the Sava River, rolling plains of Slavonia, Podravina, Posavina. Located on the Adriatic coast: Dinaric Alps with the tallest mountain in the country Troglav (1913 m), a mountain range and the Velebit mountain range drops. The main rivers of the country - the Sava, Danube and its tributaries Drava and Mura.

Quick Facts about Croatia

Located in the south of Central Europe and the Western Balkans, Croatia today attracts a lot of tourists. It is here that there are Mediterranean, the Alps and the Pannonian. So, rest in Croatia is an unforgettable experience, full of vivid emotions and experiences.
In Croatia, the amazing combination of natural complexes and historical monuments. The country has beautiful coastlines with hundreds of picturesque islands and numerous castles, dense forests and thermal springs. Such wealth open to tourists many opportunities for a pleasant holiday. Here you can find the ruins of ancient buildings, and luxury resorts of Dubrovnik, Korcula and Makarska Riviera and the magnificent Plitvice Lakes National Park and the island of Brijuni.
In short, Croatia is one of the most popular and interesting countries in Europe.
The capital of Croatia - Zagreb. Official language - Croatian. The country's population - about 4 million people. Almost 90 percent of the population - the Croats. Also the country inhabited by Serbs, Bosniaks, Hungarians, Slovenes, and Romanians. Most of the population of Croatia - Catholics. 5.2% of the population - not religious. Also there are members of other religions, such as Orthodox, other Christians and Muslims.

resorts in Finland

In Finland, the tourists will a great opportunity for an unforgettable stay. In summer you can enjoy a beach holiday on the Baltic coast or on the banks of rivers and lakes in the country, and winter ski resorts are waiting for outdoor enthusiasts.
Lapland, which occupies a third of the total area of ​​Finland, is a famous corner of the midnight sun, reindeer and traditional Suomi. Here you can admire the wildlife and lush forests, which are home to wolves and bears. Also very popular in Lapland enjoys fishing.
Maritime city of Helsinki is one of the most popular resort towns. Here the atmosphere is saturated with the smell of the sea and in ports is constant noise from arriving and departing ships. Many attractions and stunning architecture in the city attracts many tourists.
Residence of Santa Claus - one of the most famous resorts in Finland. Santa Claus Village is just eight kilometers from the city to the north of Rovaniemi. Here, Santa Claus has its own chamber, where the office and facilities for visitors.
The most famous resort in the Arctic is, of course, the city of Rovaniemi. Here you can enjoy the highlights of the northern lights and white fluffy snow.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Geographical location and topography of Finland

Finland, which natives called Suomi, which means "land of lakes and marshes," located between 70 ° 5 30 "and 59 ° 30 10" north latitude and 20 ° 33'27 "and ZG35 20" east longitude. The country is bordered by Russia to the east, with Sweden in the north-west and in the north of Norway. Finland also washed by the Baltic Sea and its gulfs of Bothnia Gulf of Finland to the south and west.
Landscape of the country is aligned, the terrain is flat. Coast of Finland and Gulf of Bothnia mostly low-lying, have many smaller bays.
The central part of Finland-Lakeside plateau - limited ranges Salpausselkä, Hills-Suomen Selkov from east Karelian Hills. In Lapland, located 400-600 m high hill, the largest of which Manselkya. In the northwest there is a small area of ​​the Scandinavian highlands. The highest point - Mount Haltiatunturi altitude 1328 m
The geographical position of Finland is not very easy to call favorable, because this country is in the middle and high latitudes. However, due to the influence of the Gulf Stream, the geographical position of Finland is still much better than other areas located at the same latitude in the northern hemisphere.

Quick Facts about Finland

Finland is one of the most stable and prosperous countries of Europe. It is a country of rivers and lakes, making boating and fishing are considered the best in Europe. So, rest in Finland attracts a growing number of tourists.
Country located in Northern Europe, has a unique nature, which is carefully guarded, diverse plant and animal life and ample opportunities for winter sports. In the summer, the Baltic Sea and the many lakes attract beach lovers. There is also popular hiking or cycling tours, hunting and rafting.
Finland is a member of the Nordic Council, the European Union and the Schengen Agreement. The population of Finland is about 5, 4 million people. Of them - 49% of men and 51% women. The number of foreign citizens in Finland is about 3.4%, or more than 183 thousand people. The largest ethnic minorities are the Karelian, Finnish, Swedish, Gypsies, Tatars and the Finnish Saami.
Finland has two official languages ​​- Finnish and Swedish. Most of the population (91.5%) speak Finnish. In Swedish say 5.4% of the population.
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, and the Orthodox Church of Finland have the status of state church. However, the population of the country is one of the least religious in Europe.

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Visa to Romania

A visit to Romania require a visa. Romania is in the EU, but is not a member state of the Schengen Agreement. Visa-free transit through Romania possible if the current short-term, long-term visa or residence permit in Bulgaria and Cyprus, as well as all types of visas or residence in Schengen. Also residence in Liechtenstein gives visa-free transit through the territory of Romania. Maximum stay in Romania in this case should not exceed five days.
To obtain a tourist visa to Romania to submit: application form, completed in Latin letters, a passport and a copy of 1-3 pages, the internal passport and a copy of the completed pages, hotel reservations in Romania or a travel voucher, financial security, health insurance. Financial guarantees - evidence of the amount at the rate of 50 euros per day in Romania, but not less than 500 euros.
Duty-free import into the territory of Romania, photos, audio and video equipment, to 4L wine, up liters of liquor, 200 cigarettes or 200 grams of other tobacco products, up to 200g of coffee.
Never bring to Romania firearms, ammunition and explosives, drugs, radioactive, toxic and psychotropic substances, and not canned meat and dairy products.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

climate Romania

Before we go on tour to Romania, is become familiar with the climate of the country in order to choose the best time for her visit. Virtually the entire territory of Romania is characterized by a temperate continental climate type. Only in the south-east of the country near the Black Sea coast has a temperate marine-type climate.There are significant regional differences in climate between the different areas of Romania, the coldest month of the year - January. During this period, the afternoon air is heated to 2 - + 4 degrees, and at night cooled to -4 - 6 degrees. The hottest month - July. The daytime temperature in July is 27 - 29 degrees, and at night the temperature can drop to 16 degrees Celsius. In an area where the sea dominates the type of climate in the east milder winters and summers are not as hot. So, in January of Constance afternoon temperature reaches 4 - 6 degrees, and at night drop to -2 degrees in July in the afternoon air is heated to 24 - 26 degrees, and at night the temperature drops to 18 degrees.During the year, on the plains is up to 700 mm of rain on the coast - less than 400 mm, while in the mountains, it reaches 1,500 mm. Most precipitation falls ripped apart, June and July. - May, June, and July. Snow in the Carpathians is from December to April.

The geographical position of Romania

Republic of Romania has a favorable geographical position, which makes the country a "corridor" to transport Caspian oil to Western Europe. Geographical position of the country offers many opportunities for the development of industry, and, of course, tourism.
Advantages of geographical position of Romania is the presence of large navigable rivers and harbors and related transportation arteries. This is the Danube - Black Sea, European highways.
Romania is located in the south-eastern part of Central Europe, in the basin of the Lower Danube. Country has an area of ​​about 240 thousand square meters. km. The total length of 2733 km borders of Romania. To the east, the country is washed by the Black Sea. In the north and north-east by the Republic of Moldova, in the north-west - with Hungary, in the south-east - with Yugoslavia, in the south - with Bulgaria to the north and east - Ukraine.
The central and northern parts of the country are occupied by mountains. This is the Eastern and Southern Carpathians and the Transylvanian plateau. To the west are the Western Romanian mountains, in the south - Nizhnedunayskaya Plain, south-east - Dobrogea plateau, east of the river Siret - Moldovan hills.
The country's main river - the Danube and its tributaries Jiu, Olt, Siret, Prut.

A summary of the Romanian

Romania - it is one of the most ancient, beautiful and mysterious Eastern European countries. It is the north-east of the Balkan Peninsula. Due to geographic location and climatic conditions, a country is a popular tourist destination.
Gorgeous blue Danube, gorgeous beaches on the Black Sea coast, spacious flat plains and the mysterious mountains, ancient castles and modern city - all this wealth of Romania, which attract more and more tourists to the country.
In Romania, there are many beautiful resorts, as secluded corners where nature is preserved in its original form. Nice warm climate is also one of the advantages of the country. Mountains occupy a third of the country. This - the Eastern Carpathians and the Transylvanian Alps.
Romania's population is about 19 million people, according to the number of Romania ranks eighth in Europe. About 90% of the country - Romania. Also living here Hungarians, Roma, Ukrainians, Germans and Russian. The official language of the country - Romania.
Most of the country's population - followers of Romanian Orthodox Church. Also there are Protestants and Catholics.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The geographical position of Poland

Poland has a favorable geographical position, which allows a country to attract tourists all year round. In summer there are excellent conditions for beach holidays and winter tourists flock to the ski resorts in Poland.
The country is located in Eastern Europe. Poland, the area of ​​which amounts to 312.7 thousand square meters. km, is bordered on the north-east of the Kaliningrad region of Russia and Lithuania, in the south - with the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the east - with Belarus and Ukraine, and in the west - with Germany. In the north of Poland is washed by the Baltic Sea.
Relief of Poland, mostly flat, but it is diverse. Located in the north elevation of the Baltic Islands and extensive coastal lowlands with many glacial lakes. South-west of Poland occupied Sudeten Mountains with the highest point - Mount Sněžkou altitude 1605 meters South of the country surround Carpathians Tatras, Beskids and Bieszczady. The highest point - Mount Rysy, altitude of 2499 m in the Tatras. The central part of Poland is flat. Here there are many rivers and lakes. Baltic coast (Leba) employs magnificent beaches covered dunes and bays and lakes. The largest lake - Śniardwy. Its area - about 113 square kilometers

Quick Facts about Poland

Poland is one of the most popular European countries. Tourists come for the soul rest in Poland, due to its great natural resources, the unique culture, history and monuments. It is here you can enjoy the sea, the salty breeze, sand dunes, and rising above the Teutonic castle in the distance. Species of great beauty gives Poland visitors.
In the summer of Poland offers tourists a great opportunity for a beach holiday on the Baltic coast, and on the Masurian Lakes. In winter, visitors can visit the ski resorts in the country, known far beyond its borders.
Poland is located in the heart of Europe. On the north by the waters of the Baltic Sea, bordered by Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia. Also, through the economic zone in the Baltic Sea Poland borders with areas of Denmark and Sweden.
Poland is a member of the European Union and NATO. Poland consists of 16 provinces, the province, in turn, are divided into the county, and poviats - in the commune.
The population is about 38 million people. Poland is the mono-country in the world. More than 96 percent of the population identify themselves as ethnic Poles. Official language - Polish. The main religion - Roman Catholicism. Also in Poland lived Orthodox, Lutherans, grekokatoliki, Calvinists and Jews.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Literary Festival "Night Detective" in Vienna

September 18 in Vienna to host literary festival "Night of the detective." The festival program includes author readings, presentations of new crime novels as Austrian and foreign writers. The venue of the festival will be the tradition of Viennese coffee houses. Since neither novel Austrian writers do without describing the Austrian and Viennese cuisine cafe. According to the organizer of the festival Eva Rossmann: "For the authors - is a great joy to read his work in his actions and to get acquainted with its readers."

This year's literary readings will participate writer Jussi Adler-Olsen of Denmark, he will present his new novel, "Contempt", Jan Arnaldo, Swedish writer, working under the pseudonym Arne Dahl, read excerpts from his novel "Thirst" and the American writer Daniel Vudrel .

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Attractions Norway

Norway is famous all over the world not only for its natural resources, but also because of attractions that make the country one of the most popular tourist destinations.
Fjords are the calling card of Norway. Bergen is called the "Gateway fjord" and "the city between the seven mountains", but because it is popular with tourists from around the world. Western coast of Norway fjords impossible without creating breathtaking scenery.
Tourists visiting Norway, also can not get around his attention Røros town, located in the central part of the country. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Technology capital of Norway or the Silicon Valley of the country is the city Trondheim, with a history spanning more than a thousand years.
Norway's capital Oslo has numerous historical and cultural monuments. You can visit the castle and the Akershus Fortress, built in 1300. Lovers of Scandinavian history and culture attracts the Viking Ship Museum, a unique log cabin church Fantoft Museum and Edvard Munch.
Also located in Norway's largest medieval building in Scandinavia, where the Norwegian kings were crowned. This is - the famous Nidaros Cathedral.


Popular cities in Norway

Norway offers visitors a unique opportunity for an unforgettable stay. Cities differ in Norway for its spectacular scenery and cultural treasures.
Norway's capital is the city of Oslo, which attracts a lot of tourists. The city, situated on the banks of the three bays - Verkvika, Pipervika and Frogner, home to about 470,000 people. Oslo is the main industrial and transport and cultural center of the country. Here tourists can find entertainment for all tastes. Tourists arriving in Oslo, first of all, go to the famous street Karl Johan and Aker Brygge wharf. Oslo also offers visitors a huge number of attractions, including: the Viking Ship Museum, the Museum of the schooner "Fram", Museum of the raft "Kon-Tiki", the Norwegian Folk Museum, the National Gallery, the Vigeland Park, Museum of History of skiing in Holmenkolene and Akershus Fortress.
Oslo is not inferior to the popularity and the Norwegian city of Bergen, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Historical and geographical features of the city make it one of the most popular in the country.
Also popular among tourists are the city of Norway is Stavanger, Trondheim, Tromso and Alesund.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Quick Facts about Norway

Norway - a country in Northern Europe, located in the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula, and includes in its membership a large number of neighboring Scandinavia smaller islands. This is a country for the true romantics, which amazes tourists flooded rivers and magnificent waterfalls, breathtaking. Beautiful landscapes for long remain in the memory of those who visited Norway. They that make the tourists coming back here.
Snowy mountains and green forests, picturesque lakes and amazing fjords, glaciers and ski resorts - all the charm of Norway, it offers tourists. If you are a lover of old legends about the Vikings and trolls or avid angler, Norway - the best travel destination for you.
Norway shares borders with three countries: Sweden, Finland and Russia. Washed by the Norwegian and North Seas. Also washes in the Barents Sea.
Norwegian territory is divided into 19 counties, or provinces. The form of the country is a constitutional monarchy.
Norway is one of the least populated countries in Europe. Its population of5 million people. More than 90% of the population are Norwegians. The largest minority are Arabs. Here they live a few hundred thousand. The official language of the country - Norway. In some communes Troms and Finnmark Sami equates to an official. Currency - Norwegian Krone.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

In Liverpool, the hotel opened for the fans of "The Beatles"

Fans of the once popular group "The Beatles" can now enjoy a stay in the new hotel under the name «Yellow Submarine», which opened in Liverpool. Hotel got its name in honor of the famous eponymous hit "The Beatles".
"Beatlemania" will always be a feature of Liverpool, and the Fab Four fans still love to look at the legendary Cavern Club, or go on a journey to the house where the grown John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Now fans of "The Beatles" is a new landmark, worthy of their attention.
«Yellow Submarine» - one of the most popular songs of the legendary Fab Four, so the hotel was created in her honor, for sure, will attract a huge number of fans of the group.
Nova Hotel is a glowing yellow-submarine medium size. Inside there is a "psychedelic room," decorated in the style of the 1960s, where you can admire the scooter from the movie Quadrophenia. In addition there are three bedrooms. All rooms have a 3D-TV, computers and Wi-Fi.
He opened a unique hotel businessman Alfie Bubbles, who had previously submitted a floating hotel with the theme of "Batman." Since this discovery enjoyed success, businessman decided not to stop there and to please fans of the legendary group "The Beatles".
The cost of staying in the new hotel on weekdays is 149 pounds per night and on weekends - 350 pounds.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The geographical position of Spain

Spain is characterized by its unique geographical position that allows a country to become one of the most attractive tourist destinations. Spain has absorbed the traditions and cultural characteristics of the three continents of Europe, Africa and America, due to its location.
The magnitude of Spain is second only to France in Western Europe. Its total area - 504,788 sq km The country occupies about 85% of the Iberian Peninsula, located in southwestern Europe. Also part of the country includes the Balearic and Pitiuzskie island in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean and the city of Ceuta and Melilla in North Africa. In the north-east of Spain borders with France and the Principality of Andorra.
Spain by the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Due to the fact that Spain is at the intersection of major trans-Atlantic and the Mediterranean sea and air routes that connect Europe with the American and African continents, the country is of great importance in international traffic.
The country is the most mountainous in Europe. The forests also occupy only 10% of its territory. Due to its unique geographical position and historical reasons, Spain is one of the most interesting and exciting countries in Europe.

Quick Facts about Spain

Spain now attracts an increasing number of tourists from around the world. And it is not surprising, since Spain is the birthplace of flamenco and bullfighting, and can offer many opportunities for an unforgettable vacation. The country is famous for the unique creations of Gaudi in Barcelona, ​​Gunton, magnificent Mediterranean resorts, the Atlantic Ocean and the Canary Islands.
Spain, which is the fourth largest country in Europe, located in southwestern Europe. Capital - Madrid. Spain occupies most of the Iberian Peninsula. The country occupies 4/5 territory of the Iberian Peninsula. Also in Spain belong to the Canary and Balearic islands total area of ​​504,782 km ². The total area of ​​504.8 square kilometers of Spain
The country shares borders with Portugal in the west of the Iberian Peninsula, the British possession of Gibraltar in the south of the Iberian Peninsula to Morocco in northern Africa (Ceuta and Melilla poluanklavy), as well as with France and Andorra to the north. Spain is washed by the Bay of Biscay, Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, which opens up great opportunities for tourists.
The population of Spain - about 46 million people. Official language - Castilian. The main religion - Catholicism.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The geographical position of Egypt

Egypt has long been one of the most popular tourist destinations. The country is visited by tourists from all over the world. Moreover, many people simply can not resist the temptation to come here again and again.
Country pyramids offers travelers a unique cultural richness and magnificent natural treasures. Egypt, which is the largest Arab country located on the north-east Africa. However, part of the territory of Egypt - Sinai Peninsula - located in Asia. Thus, Egypt is located on the border of two continents, which passes through the Suez Canal. The country area is 1,001,449 km2. More than 90% is occupied by desert (Libyan Desert, part of the Sahara Desert and the Arabian desert).
Egypt by the Mediterranean Sea in the north, east, has settled the Red Sea. Thanks to this geographical location, Egypt offers many excellent opportunities for recreation. Determine the geographical pattern of five major landscape. This - the Nile valley and delta of the Nile, the Arabian Desert Libyan Desert and Sinai.
The capital of Egypt is the largest city in Africa Cairo. It was in this city you can find cultural achievements of five thousand years of Egyptian civilization.

Summary of Egypt

Egypt is one of the most popular tourist destinations today. The country attracts a huge number of tourists from around the world who want to enjoy sun, sea and the magnificent culture and history of this truly unique country.
Egypt - the cradle of culture. Here you can find the highest historical and spiritual achievements of civilizations. The magnificent, breathtaking architectural monuments of ancient cultures is simply impossible to look without admiration.
The highlight of Egypt, of course, is the Red Sea, which is considered the warmest sea in the world. That's why there dwells a lot of marine animals. Sunken ships in the Red Sea are also attracted the attention of tourists and divers. Also here there are excellent opportunities for snorkeling, windsurfing and sailing.
Egypt, which is known worldwide for its pyramids, sphinxes, and temples of the Pharaohs, joins the north-east Africa and southwest Asia. The area of ​​the country, 90% of which is desert, is 1002 thousand square meters. km .. Capital - Cairo. Egypt's population is about 62 million people. The official national language - Arabic. Also, in some regions speak English and French.
90% of Egyptians - Muslims (mostly Sunni), 10% Christians. Currency of Egypt - Egyptian pound.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The best resorts in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an excellent example of Latin American culture. Visiting the best resorts in Dominican Republic, tourists have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the country way of life, as well as its ancient history and unique architecture of the era of great discoveries.
One of the most popular resorts is Boca Chica, which is located 30 km from Santo Domingo and 12 km from the airport, Las Americas. The beaches of this resort town is considered one of the best in the country. So, tourists usually flock to it here.
The biggest tourist complex in the Caribbean - Casa de Campo, which you can reach by crossing the river Dulce. (Sweet). It deserves special attention Resort La Romana. The attention of tourists is attracted by Altos de Shavon, artificially recreated medieval town of artists and artisans. It is located just a short walk from the Casa de Campo.
There is also a School of Design (a branch of the Institute of Design Parsons in New York City), Church of St. Stanislaus, the Regional Archaeological Museum. One of the biggest attractions is the amphitheater for 5000 people.
Also popular with tourists are the resorts such as Punta Cana and Puerto Plata.

The nature of the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic attracts tourists who love adventure and an exotic vacation. The nature of the Dominican Republic is the main wealth of the country, and because thousands of tourists visit it every year.
As you know, the most beautiful beaches of the country are located just 20 minutes from Santo Domingo in Boca Chica. Also, this place is popular with divers, as it is - one of the best places in the world for scuba diving. Well-known destination among travelers is the Juan Dolio - lagoon protected by coral reefs and luxurious Punta Cana forest of coconut palms on the beach.
More economical holiday can be arranged in the Bahia Principe Bavaro and Playa.
Unique natural resources affect tourists visiting the Dominican Republic, with its diversity. However, due to the rapid development of civilization and isolated areas are no more large mammals. However, the fauna of the country's amazing exotic tourist representatives of the animal world. Here are the rarest species of reptiles and birds, as well as many underwater inhabitants. Today, many animals are on the verge of extinction. These species are protected by the authorities
Also here you can see humpback whales from January to March in Samana resort.

Friday, June 8, 2012

In Poland, revealed "fan embassy"

Embassy of the fans "- a point for tourists, who arrived at Euro 2012. He began his work on the main street of Warsaw - Krakow suburb.

In the "Embassy" can refer anyone who, for example, does not know how to get to the stadium, in what time zone is open fan and what to do in case of theft of the passport. The most commonly treated here with issues relating to accommodation, tickets and travel around the city.

Item means is located at: Krakowskie Przedmieście, 83. There are on duty 20 volunteers. "Embassy" is open from 12:00 to 0:00 and the clock has a "hot line", you can call the 519 number to 066-066.

In addition, mobile teams of volunteers are on duty in the old town, near the fan zone, and the National Stadium. At the monument to Copernicus before the match, match day and the next after the day from 12:00 to 0:00 will run an information item for the fans. Two hours before the match such an item will open at the National Stadium.

"Fans of the Embassy," opened in other cities that will host matches of the championship - in Wroclaw, Gdansk and Poznan, writes Rzeczpospolita.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

dOCUMENTA in Kassel

June 9 will open in Kassel International Art Exhibition dOCUMENTA. One hundred days of a small Hessian town became the capital of modern art. More than 150 painters, sculptors, authors, installations, performances and artistic participants stocks from around the world will present their work. New items are side by side with the classics, unexpected encounters daily. Everyone will be able to discover something for yourself, including multi-media "items": photography, film, video, audio.

The exhibition organizers have taken care of more extravagant exhibits and artistic experiments. Forecasts of experts as to the number of visitors more than optimistic that this year dOCUMENTA expects about a million visitors.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Madrid's center filled giant penguins

Figures 2.15 meters tall penguin that will delight tourists and residents of the Spanish capital until August 30, 2012, appeared on the central streets of Madrid in the charity Penguin Madrid in 2012. Results will appear in the streets of Madrid, 20 multi-colored birds. Each figure is a penguin, according to the organizers, work of art, because their clearance participated famous Spanish designers. Because the project is philanthropic in nature, the stars of sport, culture, music and film invited to become sponsors of one of the penguins.

In September, the penguins will be sold at auction and the proceeds are directed to social needs, including the treatment of autistic children. Up to this point everyone can donate money by sending SMS with the keyword, which is located on a plate that is installed on each penguin, as well as through the project site.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

European countries are attracting wealthy tourists

In 2008, when the countries of Europe, especially France and Greece have been affected by the global economic crisis, the only way to save the national economy was tourism, which has helped many countries to recover from a heavy period.
France has paid special attention to tourism. In 2011, of the 79 million tourists visited the country, 891,000 were from countries in the Middle East, UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Fifty percent of the tourists from the Middle East spend more than € 5,000 a day. The average duration of their stay in France is 11 days.
It is also worth noting that 6.5% of GDP in France provides tourism. Therefore, the government cared about the development of infrastructure and the retail sector and hotels.
Although Greece is experiencing a serious crisis, the country's tourism industry continues to evolve. Last year the country was visited by 16.5 million tourists, up 10% more than in 2010. Income from tourism reached € 36 billion. The country has also proved popular among the wealthy tourists willing to spend large sums of money during their stay. Inhibit the growth of tourist traffic only difficulties associated with obtaining a Schengen visa.

Menorca - unknown tourist destination

After spending almost the entire year at work, everyone has the right to leave. The man certainly needs time off work to recover and increase stamina and energy. Now is the time to think about vacations. There are various areas around the world who visit the people who love to travel. One of the interesting and unexplored tourist destinations is Menorca. It is an island belonging to Spain, which is located on the Mediterranean coast.
There are several reasons for deciding to visit this wonderful island. The town can be reached with the cruise ships, and that alone brings tourists to travel a lot of impressions.
Tourists who are fans of shopping, no doubt, will appreciate the Minorca, because there are shopping centers that can meet all their requirements. As the base currency is the euro is used.
In addition, Minorca offers many opportunities for interesting and enjoyable pastime. Here you can see the rich culture of Aboriginal people and learn the main language spoken by the locals - Catalan. Menorca also attracts tourists attractions such as the Church of St. Anthony and the church of Santa Maria. There are also a few prehistoric sites, which can be visited. Among them are the Museum of Minorca, where you can admire the many works of art.

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