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Popular cities in Sweden

The most popular among tourists traditionally in the capital of Sweden - one of the most beautiful cities in the world Stockholm. The city is located on 14 islands on Lake Mälaren and the Strait Norström.
From 13th-century Stockholm is the permanent residence of the Swedish kings, so the city has a long and rich history that can not attract fans of cultural activities. Of particular interest is the old part of town - Gamla Stan, which is located entirely on the island Stadskholmen and closed to vehicles. Here is the famous Royal Palace with the royal chapel and a museum of antique Gustav III, as well as the Palace and the Cathedral Church of St. Nicholas.
As tourists do not disregard and gorgeous Swedish city of Malmö, which is replete with a wide variety of attractions. You can visit the famous Historical and Art Museum, the Gothic Church of St. Petrichyurka, Renaissance town hall and the castle "Malmöhus." Nearby is the town of Ystad the famous church of St. Mary and the monastery Greyfreyyars.
Gothenburg is also one of the most popular cities in Sweden. Here are the beautiful clean beaches, forests and lakes. Picturesque landscapes, for sure, will appeal to all lovers of nature.

resorts in Sweden

 Sweden is famous for its ski resorts, as well as excellent opportunities for outdoor activities. Fishing enthusiasts will also find here the class to taste, it is no wonder Sweden called the country of lakes. There are many rivers and lakes, where you can have a good rest.
One of the most popular resorts in the country is Visby, which is an industrial center with a modern port. Amazing atmosphere prevails, thanks old houses and churches and magnificent flower gardens. According to many historians, Visby is the finest example of early Gothic architecture in Northern Europe.
Also popular among tourists Gothenburg with its rich history and many attractions, including the Museum of Art. Historical and archeological museum in the house of the East India Company and the Concert Hall with a symphony orchestra.
Ski resort Åre, which consists of four villages - Duved, Tegefell, Ope-Bu and Ore-Bjorn, is one of the most popular in Sweden. All villages are linked by bus routes. Tourists can go skiing in the entire complex Ore, regardless of where they are staying.It was here three times already held the World Cup in alpine skiing.

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Visa to Sweden

Before you go to Sweden, is familiar with the rules of entry. So, there are some items that are strictly forbidden to bring into the country. These include: weapons and ammunition, strong medicines without necessary documents, drugs, syringes, poisons, live plants, antiques and art, as well as Automotive Radar.
Allowed to import up to 1 liter of liquor or up to 2 liters of fortified wine, up to 2 liters of table wine and 15 liters of beer and 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco. You can also enter into the territory of Sweden and 500 g of coffee and 100 grams of tea, and 50 g of perfume, 250 ml aftershave.
With regard to the import of dogs and cats, in order to be allowed to enter the country, you must provide proof of vaccination against rabies, written out at least 30 days and a maximum of 12 months prior to entry.
Documents required for a visa to Sweden: a passport valid for at least 3 months after the return of the country, two copies of the first page of the passport, a copy of all the informative pages of internal passport, application form filled out in English or Swedish, two passport photos of the sample, original invitation (guest, business or tourism), health insurance (original and copy), issued on the visa validity period. You must also provide a certificate of income from employment or other documents proving solvency.

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