Thursday, October 11, 2012

resorts in Sweden

 Sweden is famous for its ski resorts, as well as excellent opportunities for outdoor activities. Fishing enthusiasts will also find here the class to taste, it is no wonder Sweden called the country of lakes. There are many rivers and lakes, where you can have a good rest.
One of the most popular resorts in the country is Visby, which is an industrial center with a modern port. Amazing atmosphere prevails, thanks old houses and churches and magnificent flower gardens. According to many historians, Visby is the finest example of early Gothic architecture in Northern Europe.
Also popular among tourists Gothenburg with its rich history and many attractions, including the Museum of Art. Historical and archeological museum in the house of the East India Company and the Concert Hall with a symphony orchestra.
Ski resort Åre, which consists of four villages - Duved, Tegefell, Ope-Bu and Ore-Bjorn, is one of the most popular in Sweden. All villages are linked by bus routes. Tourists can go skiing in the entire complex Ore, regardless of where they are staying.It was here three times already held the World Cup in alpine skiing.

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