Monday, April 30, 2012

New Mexico is becoming a popular tourist destination

The government of New Mexico recently launched rebrendingovuyu campaign that aims to develop a tourist destination in the region. State Department of Tourism is largely involved in the financing industry. The campaign invested a lot of money - $ 2.5 million.
New Mexico, which belongs to the so-called Mountain states in the U.S., is becoming increasingly popular with tourists, thanks to the active position of the government, which has set a goal to promote New Mexico as a state with a rich culture and magnificent nature.
Department of Tourism predicts increase in demand for trips to New Mexico in the near future.
Previously, advertising was launched by television networks. What distinguishes the current advertising campaign from those that were launched in the past - is that now applies a more comprehensive approach involving the use of various channels of media.
The new campaign aims to dispel the perceived misconception that New Mexico is a state in which absolutely nothing to do. The Government intends to show tourists that there can be great to spend time enjoying the unique natural resources and culture.

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Tours to Haiti becoming more popular

Haiti's tourism industry to a new level. Haiti is undoubtedly one of the most interesting places in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, the country's tourist industry was hit hard by the earthquake that devastated his island back in 2010. Natural disasters have led to a significant deterioration in living standards of hundreds of Haitians. The whole world witnessed the tragedy, which had a devastating impact on the tourism industry in Haiti.
But now, after a while tourism in the region is again on the road to recovery. This is made possible through the combined efforts of governments, nonprofit organizations and various entities and the international community.
The development of the construction is under way in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince. Here, new hotels are being built and reconstructed old. Certainly, it is - a good indicator. The organization of the Red Cross Haiti also plans to build a hotel near National Airport. This perspective is a lot of advantages for both tourists and residents of Haiti.
In order to further strengthen the country's tourism industry, its main airport has also undergone renovation. The International airport of Port-au-Prince, is currently under construction and finishing works. Given all these positive trends, the demand for trips to Haiti began to grow gradually.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sharm el-Sheikh has a great future in tourism

Sharm el-Sheikh has become of the fishermen of the coastal town into a huge naval base for the Egyptian Navy in recent years.
The main activity of the city is represented foreign and domestic tourism. Sharm El Sheikh offers visitors scenic views of the bright, beautiful natural resources, which include clean and quiet beaches that are popular places for water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving. Scientific tourism is also popular, because here you can explore a wide variety of marine life, coral reefs and thousands of species of fish, which abound in local marine waters.
Since 1982, the Egyptian government embarked on projects that were aimed at increasing foreign investment, to make a holiday in Sharm el-Sheikh, more attractive to tourists. These projects were launched to accelerate the development of the city. Among the measures taken to preserve the beauty of the city, was to limit the height of building structures.
The local tourism industry has experienced considerable stress, when the city was the victim of terrorist bombings in July 2005, killing about 80 people. Most recently, in 2011 Egypt's tourism industry has experienced a downward trend even in the wake of protest movements and revolutions.
But now the Sharm el-Sheikh has embarked on the development of tourism and it is expected that in the near future, the city waiting for new records in this area.

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Top Attractions of China

China is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The country attracts travelers from all over the world Eastern mysticism, exotic culture and its unique historical tradition. Compiled list of the most popular and exciting attractions Kitaya.Shanhay could not get into this rating, because the city is one of the major tourist destinations. He is one of the most important cities in China. Recently, prices are down: about 47% cheaper 5-star hotels. It can not remain without attention of tourists. Shanghai is also a city where you will find easy access to high-speed trains that can take you to the nearby historic areas of Nanjing and Hangzhou.
Xian is the ancient capital of China. The city is replete with examples of unique architecture, the most famous of which are large and small temples, the Temple of the Eight Immortals, and others.
Sanya in Hainan Province is considered one of the best places to honeymoon among domestic tourists. Here you can enjoy the beautiful clean beaches, sun and warm weather, and sunsets, which are always an exciting spectacle.
Xiahe and the Labrang Monastery is also worthy of attention of visitors. Here you can wander through a maze of narrow streets that intersect and are inconsistent with each other. People, Tibetan monks, pilgrims and locals are usually friendly. Visitors can dive into the Tibetan culture, enjoying the singing of the monks and the smell of incense fills the air.
Hua Shan in Shaanxi Province - an ideal place for lovers of mountain climbing. This - one of the five Taoist mountains in China, and as they say mountaineers, this place is really magical.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

One-day business trips are becoming increasingly popular in Germany

Most business trips of Germans took only one day. The most popular hotels among business travelers - four-star. Business trips are always stressful for travelers, to a greater or lesser degree. However, one day trip is considered by experts the most uncomfortable.
In Germany the number of day trips (about 53% of total trips) has never been so high since 2003.
Total number of employees who go on business trips has been steadily declining. Four years ago there were more than a third - 35%. This number decreased to 24% in 2011. This means that more trips are distributed among fewer employees.
As for accommodation of business travelers, many of them choose Bole cost options, not wanting to spend large sums. 5-star hotels in Germany lost about 7% of domestic business guests, and in 2011 only 3% of them stayed in the most luxurious hotels. The number of business travelers who have stayed in four star hotels, on the contrary, increased by 10%.
Experts predict that companies will spend more on accommodation and flights for their employees who go on business trips.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Magaluf - Majorca's best resort

Tourists who want to organize a beach vacation and go on holidays abroad, no doubt, must not leave unnoticed Magaluf - one of the most popular resorts in Mallorca. This - one of the most famous resorts in the south-west coast ostrova.Prichinoy Magaluf so high popularity is its bright, intense nightlife and excellent cuisine. Here gourmets will enjoy the most exquisite local cuisine and traditional products and dishes of British, Spanish and Italian cuisine.
Magaluf also offers beautiful beaches with white sand. Tourists can fully enjoy the sea and sun while relaxing on the city.
Also, the resort offers many opportunities for interesting pastime. This water sports, and local attractions that are worthy of attention of travelers. You could also organize a budget vacation, selecting a relatively inexpensive tour to Magaluf.
One of the most popular attractions is the house upside down Kathmandu, which is a Tibetan house. Here visitors can see the different rooms and hear the story of Kilgore Goode, who all his life was in search of adventure.

Lanzarote - the best holiday for nature lovers

Nature lovers will certainly not be left unattended Lanzarote, which refers to the Canary Islands. Here you can enjoy nature in its entirety.
The crater of Caldera Blanca is one of the main attractions of Lanzarote. You can also see a lot of camels and ride on one of them. But what is most amazing - it's scenery, from which is breathtaking.
Another great adventure that awaits visitors to the island of Lanzarote - is Corona Montana. Here, in this mountainous region, which is also known as the National Park of Timanfaya, you can walk off the highest mountain, which lies 670 meters above sea level. Also, tourists can explore the Tunnel of Atlantis, which is the largest underground volcanic tunnel.
Hiking enthusiasts can also go hiking a 7.4 mile Guatiza-Famara, to admire the sights of the island and feel the oneness with nature.
In Lanzarote you can admire the magnificent vineyards, coastal slopes and trails, and even the rocky slopes. Sandy beaches and coastal bays and deserve the highest praise for his magnificent landscapes. In short, nature lovers are in for a real paradise.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Turkey attracts tourists with its wealth of religious

 Turkey is growing rapidly not only in cultural and historical tourist destinations - the country attracts more and more tourists who are interested in religious tours.
Religious or pilgrimage tourism in Turkey enjoys growing popularity. These tours are ideal for those who want to trace the history of their religion, the Bible places to visit and hear the legends associated with the apostles.
One of the most popular religious attractions is the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, which is a great heritage of Christian and Muslim culture. Originally it was a church, which was later converted into a mosque of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror. Here tourists can see one of the most beautiful architectural designs. The contemplation of the magnificent dome makes the tourists breathless, because its diameter is nearly 31 meters, height - 56 meters. Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage List.
Ephesus, located near the Aegean Sea, is one of the greatest cities in Asia Minor. This is a sacred place for Christians, because of its close association with the biblical characters, such as the Apostle Paul, John the Baptist and Mary.
Also popular religious attractions include: St. Peter's Church and the Church of the Monastery of the Saviour in Chora.

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Prague hotels are becoming more popular

Last year, the number of tourists visiting the Czech capital, increased by 4%, compared to the previous year. Travel experts say the growth in demand for tours to Prague.
The city is known as the historic jewel of Europe and is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Prague offers visitors to admire the many monuments and a wide variety of architectures. Due to historical and cultural treasures, Prague has acquired an excellent reputation among tourists from all over the world and has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.
Despite the difficult economic situation, the occupancy of hotels in Prague rose by about 4% compared to 2010. The largest number of tourists arrived in the capital of the Czech Republic from Germany, Russia and Italy. Also, many travelers arrived from Poland, the Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia, China and Japan in 2011.
In Prague hotels in the past year was conducted more than 3,800 conferences. Thus, 2011 was a very successful year for the hotel business in Prague. It is expected that this year the demand for hotels in Prague will continue to grow. The city is a major transportation hub in Central Europe, and is therefore not surprising that the number of tourists is constantly increasing.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Saudi Arabia: Domestic tourism is gradually developing

Given the high oil prices, Saudi Arabia, domestic tourism is gradually emerging in the way of getting a serious upgrade.Creating jobs in the tourism industry contributes to a more active participation of Saudi Arabia on the world stage. So, the number of tourists in the country is gradually increasing.Various investors and the government is currently making significant investments in infrastructure development of domestic tourism. Moreover, they intend to receive significant revenues from this sector.In 2009, revenues amounted to about $ 16 billion, in 2012, experts predict that revenues from the tourism industry reached its peak and will be approximately $ 20 billion.So, today, significant investments are invested in the construction and reconstruction of roads, development of hotel infrastructure, stadiums and structures associated with the tourism sphere. Investors optimistic on the development of new hotels, apartments and resorts.Despite the positive steps that have been observed in domestic tourism, there are still some issues that hinder this progress. One is the lack of adequate hotel infrastructure. Development occurs, but it is pretty slow.

Dental tourism - on the rise in Poland

The number of people wishing to use health services abroad is steadily increasing. Poland is becoming a very important center for dental tourism in Europe. Patients were mainly attracted by lower prices for medical treatment.
Back in 2010 a study was carried out according to which by 2012 medical tourism revenues should reach $ 100 billion by 2012. This figure should increase to 168 billion in 2015.
It's no secret that the medical tourism is the segment that is growing steadily, despite the financial crisis. The demand for quality health care has always been, but now it is growing rapidly. Countries with the greatest potential for the development of medical tourism are in Asia and South America. The most popular destinations of medical tourism in Europe are Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania and Estonia.
The most popular among tourists are the branches of plastic surgery, cardiology and dentistry. Dental tourism is most developed in Poland, which is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in Europe. The country attracts tourists due to its high quality service and reasonable prices. Polish clinics and doctors willing to provide high quality services for international patients at lower prices than in Western Europe. During dental treatment, patients are paying only 30% of the price they would have to pay in their country.

Culinary tourism - at the peak of popularity

The kitchen - that are increasingly attracting tourists in other countries. The magnificent architecture, natural resources, museums and other attractions, it turns out, fade into the background when it comes to the kitchen of a country. Tourists are increasingly interested in the culinary delights of the countries they decide posetit.Tak that culinary tourism is currently booming and is of great importance for the entire tourism industry in general.
Culinary tourism provides tourists the opportunity to get acquainted with the exotic cuisine in a certain place. It is just as important for tourists such as housing, environment, nature, etc. In addition, tourists prefer to dine al fresco. Most of them prefer the delicious local cuisine.
Food is one of the most rapidly growing interest among travelers, as reported by the International Culinary Tourism Association. Currently, the number of requests for culinary tours reached precrisis rates in 2008. It is expected that the tendency to increase the popularity of culinary tours will continue. In addition, a number of culinary tour operators around the world, which in 2003 numbered units, rose to 150 today.