Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Madrid's center filled giant penguins

Figures 2.15 meters tall penguin that will delight tourists and residents of the Spanish capital until August 30, 2012, appeared on the central streets of Madrid in the charity Penguin Madrid in 2012. Results will appear in the streets of Madrid, 20 multi-colored birds. Each figure is a penguin, according to the organizers, work of art, because their clearance participated famous Spanish designers. Because the project is philanthropic in nature, the stars of sport, culture, music and film invited to become sponsors of one of the penguins.

In September, the penguins will be sold at auction and the proceeds are directed to social needs, including the treatment of autistic children. Up to this point everyone can donate money by sending SMS with the keyword, which is located on a plate that is installed on each penguin, as well as through the project site.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

European countries are attracting wealthy tourists

In 2008, when the countries of Europe, especially France and Greece have been affected by the global economic crisis, the only way to save the national economy was tourism, which has helped many countries to recover from a heavy period.
France has paid special attention to tourism. In 2011, of the 79 million tourists visited the country, 891,000 were from countries in the Middle East, UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Fifty percent of the tourists from the Middle East spend more than € 5,000 a day. The average duration of their stay in France is 11 days.
It is also worth noting that 6.5% of GDP in France provides tourism. Therefore, the government cared about the development of infrastructure and the retail sector and hotels.
Although Greece is experiencing a serious crisis, the country's tourism industry continues to evolve. Last year the country was visited by 16.5 million tourists, up 10% more than in 2010. Income from tourism reached € 36 billion. The country has also proved popular among the wealthy tourists willing to spend large sums of money during their stay. Inhibit the growth of tourist traffic only difficulties associated with obtaining a Schengen visa.

Menorca - unknown tourist destination

After spending almost the entire year at work, everyone has the right to leave. The man certainly needs time off work to recover and increase stamina and energy. Now is the time to think about vacations. There are various areas around the world who visit the people who love to travel. One of the interesting and unexplored tourist destinations is Menorca. It is an island belonging to Spain, which is located on the Mediterranean coast.
There are several reasons for deciding to visit this wonderful island. The town can be reached with the cruise ships, and that alone brings tourists to travel a lot of impressions.
Tourists who are fans of shopping, no doubt, will appreciate the Minorca, because there are shopping centers that can meet all their requirements. As the base currency is the euro is used.
In addition, Minorca offers many opportunities for interesting and enjoyable pastime. Here you can see the rich culture of Aboriginal people and learn the main language spoken by the locals - Catalan. Menorca also attracts tourists attractions such as the Church of St. Anthony and the church of Santa Maria. There are also a few prehistoric sites, which can be visited. Among them are the Museum of Minorca, where you can admire the many works of art.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Burma is developing the tourism industry

To date, Burma is probably the "hidden treasure", which is still undiscovered by tourists. There are many attractions and exciting opportunities for travel. However, the tourism industry in Burma remains undeveloped for many years. The Government is developing several strategies for the industry. It struggles to promote the tourism sector in the country. One of the best strategies developed by the Government - is the construction of new tourist facilities, including hotels.
The number of tourists arriving in the country, increasing annually by 20 percent to 30 percent, therefore, need to make sure they get the best accommodation. That is why the government is working on projects for the construction of new hotels that meet the highest international standards. To date, there are many new hotels in Burma, which offer high quality services and providing increased comfort for foreign tourists.
In addition, since transportation is a very important factor, the government is working on several projects aimed at expanding infrastructure. The purpose of government is to ensure the comfort of movement of tourists 24 hours a day.
So, in the near future Burma may become one of the most popular tourist destinations.

The popularity of the Mediterranean region is growing

The Mediterranean region will soon become one of the best tourist destinations. Experts predict that this will happen by 2030 year. Already, the Mediterranean is popular among tourists from all over the world.
Revenues from the tourism industry in the Mediterranean basin have reached a very impressive amount of 190 billion euros. This, according to experts, 26% of total tourism revenues worldwide. The potential of these indicators should only be temporary, given all the political changes that occurred in 2011.
Tourism is the main issue of economic stability on which the prosperity of the Mediterranean countries. The annual increase in the number of tourists who arrive in this country and spend their money on a vacation here, grew by about 3.7% for the period from 1995 to 2010. Europeans make up 81% of tourist arrivals, while tourist arrivals from the Middle Eastern countries, 6%, American tourists - 6%, Asian and African tourists - 7%.
Among the Mediterranean areas of France, of course, is a leader. The country took a record 79 million tourists. With its magnificent culture and major attractions such as the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, from all over the world.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Holidays in Dubai: some tips

At present Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Tourists are attracted by this great city, which is not surprising. After all, it offers a dizzying array of fantastic restaurants and shops that can please the avid shopaholics and a lot of places where you can have a great time.
You can stay in one of the great hotels of Dubai. One of the best is the Raffles Hotel, which is a huge glass pyramid with a lighthouse. Luxury suites with fantastic views of the city will provide you with a truly unforgettable holiday. The minimum value of numbers here is £ 145. Hotel Al Maha is located away from the city in the desert. Here you can relax from the cares and bustle of the city, admiring the sand dunes. During the stay should lay out a minimum of £ 500, including dinner and breakfast.
Great restaurants and bars also attract tourists. The most prominent among them - is Shindagha, Reflets, The Basta Art Café and others. A busy night life will experience an unprecedented drive.
Fans of shopping, of course, to visit the largest shopping mall in the world of Dubai Mall. This is - a real paradise for shopaholics.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Holidays in Egypt - the best way to spend holidays

Vacations should not delivered much of a hassle and huge expense, so many people want to organize a holiday abroad at an affordable price. Egypt is a great option for those travelers.
If you just want to go on vacation for a few days to relax and lie on the beach, or explore the amazing sights and learn a great culture, Egypt offers a unique opportunity to realize their desires.
In addition, there are cheap flights and many attractive offers from tour operators.
The Egyptians have always been famous for its welcoming nature. When you exit the plane, you immediately feel as if you were in a completely different world. Here you can pamper yourself with mud baths, spa treatments or enjoy a traditional Egyptian massage in the luxurious spa. Sharm el-Sheikh is probably the most famous resort, where you can enjoy the fabulous spa treatments
Egypt is also known for its rich and fascinating history. So, lovers of history and art will be able to take this soul. So, rest in Egypt, gives visitors plenty of opportunities for enjoyable holidays.

Johannesburg - the most popular destination in South Africa

Tourism in South Africa continues to flourish in the wake of the 2010 World Cup. It also increased the number of flights to Johannesburg. However, it is not surprising, since Johannesburg is one of those places in South Africa, which is worth a visit. The government is doing everything possible to bring the tourism industry in South Africa to a new level.
As a result of these efforts, you can see the increase in the number of passengers on many flights to Johannesburg. In 2011 the number of tourists increased by 15% compared to 2010, when the championship was held in the world. South Africa continues to improve marketing efforts and strengthen relationships with partners, as well as the extensive use of media to achieve their goals.
Most people go to Johannesburg to enjoy its splendid culture and natural resources. Here is a popular family vacation.
Sun City in Johannesburg is located in the center of an ancient volcano. This is one of the best high-end resorts in the world. Here tourists can enjoy the artificial lakes, water skiing and surfing, golf safaris, and hikes. Also in Sun City, you can see live entertainment, movies and recharge your drive's nightlife.

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