Wednesday, May 16, 2012

European countries are attracting wealthy tourists

In 2008, when the countries of Europe, especially France and Greece have been affected by the global economic crisis, the only way to save the national economy was tourism, which has helped many countries to recover from a heavy period.
France has paid special attention to tourism. In 2011, of the 79 million tourists visited the country, 891,000 were from countries in the Middle East, UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Fifty percent of the tourists from the Middle East spend more than € 5,000 a day. The average duration of their stay in France is 11 days.
It is also worth noting that 6.5% of GDP in France provides tourism. Therefore, the government cared about the development of infrastructure and the retail sector and hotels.
Although Greece is experiencing a serious crisis, the country's tourism industry continues to evolve. Last year the country was visited by 16.5 million tourists, up 10% more than in 2010. Income from tourism reached € 36 billion. The country has also proved popular among the wealthy tourists willing to spend large sums of money during their stay. Inhibit the growth of tourist traffic only difficulties associated with obtaining a Schengen visa.

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