Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Menorca - unknown tourist destination

After spending almost the entire year at work, everyone has the right to leave. The man certainly needs time off work to recover and increase stamina and energy. Now is the time to think about vacations. There are various areas around the world who visit the people who love to travel. One of the interesting and unexplored tourist destinations is Menorca. It is an island belonging to Spain, which is located on the Mediterranean coast.
There are several reasons for deciding to visit this wonderful island. The town can be reached with the cruise ships, and that alone brings tourists to travel a lot of impressions.
Tourists who are fans of shopping, no doubt, will appreciate the Minorca, because there are shopping centers that can meet all their requirements. As the base currency is the euro is used.
In addition, Minorca offers many opportunities for interesting and enjoyable pastime. Here you can see the rich culture of Aboriginal people and learn the main language spoken by the locals - Catalan. Menorca also attracts tourists attractions such as the Church of St. Anthony and the church of Santa Maria. There are also a few prehistoric sites, which can be visited. Among them are the Museum of Minorca, where you can admire the many works of art.

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