Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Curacao takes more and more tourists

The Caribbean island of Curacao is becoming more and more popular for travel. In the period from January to November 2012 the number of guests staying here for the night, increased compared to 2011 by approximately 8% to almost 380,000, according sob.korr.

During the same period of 2011, there were just over 352 thousand tourists. The largest influx of visitors, according to the tourist office in Curacao, a character in the last couple of years to August - more and more people are eager to see a major jazz festival CuraƧao North Sea Jazz.

The number of travelers from South America increased by 29%, while the flow of visitors from Europe - only 3%. Still Old World leader in the number attending Curacao almost 160 thousand people. In second place - the South American region: a little over 109,000 people. North America and the Caribbean showed a decrease in the flow of tourists to the 1 and 4%, respectively (64,000 and 36,000).

The total number of nights on the island in the period from January to November of 2012 grew by 13% to just over 3,275,000 (2,905,000 in 2011). Most often on the night were tourists from South America - the number of overnight stays increased by 46%. Europeans spent on the island for 5% more nights, and the citizens of North America and the Caribbean - 4%.

Number of cruise passengers for the period increased by 15% to $ 361 thousand compared to 314 thousand in 2011. The number of cruise ships at the same time decreased from 204 in 2011 to 190 in 2012, but the growth of the overall performance due to large passenger vessels.
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