Sunday, January 27, 2013

Norway has announced a competition for the most interesting shout

Norway has started the year by Edvard Munch - an event honoring the 150th anniversary of the artist. In celebration of National Tourist Board has prepared a contest whose winners will win a trip to the country.In honor of one of the most famous paintings of the painter - "Scream" - Visitnorway preparing a short film on how to shout in Norway today. To join the campaign can and residents of other countries. Of contestants submitted videos will be made and the clip that will be "the longest scream."Those wishing to participate in a "contest" to shoot a two-second clip with his cry and send it to the competition site or burn it directly to the web page, using a webcam. Authors of the best movies also get prizes - five gift certificates, face value of which depends on the number of participants - the more, the higher the amount.Details of the contest and prize list can also be found on the site, according to a press release Visitnorway.

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