Saturday, September 1, 2012

A summary of the Romanian

Romania - it is one of the most ancient, beautiful and mysterious Eastern European countries. It is the north-east of the Balkan Peninsula. Due to geographic location and climatic conditions, a country is a popular tourist destination.
Gorgeous blue Danube, gorgeous beaches on the Black Sea coast, spacious flat plains and the mysterious mountains, ancient castles and modern city - all this wealth of Romania, which attract more and more tourists to the country.
In Romania, there are many beautiful resorts, as secluded corners where nature is preserved in its original form. Nice warm climate is also one of the advantages of the country. Mountains occupy a third of the country. This - the Eastern Carpathians and the Transylvanian Alps.
Romania's population is about 19 million people, according to the number of Romania ranks eighth in Europe. About 90% of the country - Romania. Also living here Hungarians, Roma, Ukrainians, Germans and Russian. The official language of the country - Romania.
Most of the country's population - followers of Romanian Orthodox Church. Also there are Protestants and Catholics.

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