Wednesday, September 19, 2012

resorts in Finland

In Finland, the tourists will a great opportunity for an unforgettable stay. In summer you can enjoy a beach holiday on the Baltic coast or on the banks of rivers and lakes in the country, and winter ski resorts are waiting for outdoor enthusiasts.
Lapland, which occupies a third of the total area of ​​Finland, is a famous corner of the midnight sun, reindeer and traditional Suomi. Here you can admire the wildlife and lush forests, which are home to wolves and bears. Also very popular in Lapland enjoys fishing.
Maritime city of Helsinki is one of the most popular resort towns. Here the atmosphere is saturated with the smell of the sea and in ports is constant noise from arriving and departing ships. Many attractions and stunning architecture in the city attracts many tourists.
Residence of Santa Claus - one of the most famous resorts in Finland. Santa Claus Village is just eight kilometers from the city to the north of Rovaniemi. Here, Santa Claus has its own chamber, where the office and facilities for visitors.
The most famous resort in the Arctic is, of course, the city of Rovaniemi. Here you can enjoy the highlights of the northern lights and white fluffy snow.

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