Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The geographical position of Croatia

Croatia has a favorable geographical position, so that it becomes one of the most popular tourist destinations. Located at the crossroads leading to Central Europe and the Mediterranean, Croatia is at the same time to the two regions. This - Mediterranean-Danube Region. Croatia extends in an arc from the Danube River in the north-east to the west to the Istrian peninsula and south to Boka Kotor.
Croatia borders with five countries: Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Montenegro. By the way, with Slovenia and Montenegro, Croatia also has sea borders. But with Italy, Croatia has only maritime border.
Croatia is an area 56,538 square meters. km, the area of ​​its territorial waters - 31,067 square meters. km. Continental coastline of the country is much indented, but because historically the country has a lot of ports and berths. Croatia also owned about 1,185 islands and islets along the Adriatic coast. Only 66 of them are inhabited. The largest Croatian island - Krk. Its total area - 409 km2.
Croatia is located in the north, mainly lowlands and plains: the Sava River, rolling plains of Slavonia, Podravina, Posavina. Located on the Adriatic coast: Dinaric Alps with the tallest mountain in the country Troglav (1913 m), a mountain range and the Velebit mountain range drops. The main rivers of the country - the Sava, Danube and its tributaries Drava and Mura.

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