Saturday, September 15, 2012

Geographical location and topography of Finland

Finland, which natives called Suomi, which means "land of lakes and marshes," located between 70 ° 5 30 "and 59 ° 30 10" north latitude and 20 ° 33'27 "and ZG35 20" east longitude. The country is bordered by Russia to the east, with Sweden in the north-west and in the north of Norway. Finland also washed by the Baltic Sea and its gulfs of Bothnia Gulf of Finland to the south and west.
Landscape of the country is aligned, the terrain is flat. Coast of Finland and Gulf of Bothnia mostly low-lying, have many smaller bays.
The central part of Finland-Lakeside plateau - limited ranges Salpausselkä, Hills-Suomen Selkov from east Karelian Hills. In Lapland, located 400-600 m high hill, the largest of which Manselkya. In the northwest there is a small area of ​​the Scandinavian highlands. The highest point - Mount Haltiatunturi altitude 1328 m
The geographical position of Finland is not very easy to call favorable, because this country is in the middle and high latitudes. However, due to the influence of the Gulf Stream, the geographical position of Finland is still much better than other areas located at the same latitude in the northern hemisphere.

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