Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Saudi Arabia: Domestic tourism is gradually developing

Given the high oil prices, Saudi Arabia, domestic tourism is gradually emerging in the way of getting a serious upgrade.Creating jobs in the tourism industry contributes to a more active participation of Saudi Arabia on the world stage. So, the number of tourists in the country is gradually increasing.Various investors and the government is currently making significant investments in infrastructure development of domestic tourism. Moreover, they intend to receive significant revenues from this sector.In 2009, revenues amounted to about $ 16 billion, in 2012, experts predict that revenues from the tourism industry reached its peak and will be approximately $ 20 billion.So, today, significant investments are invested in the construction and reconstruction of roads, development of hotel infrastructure, stadiums and structures associated with the tourism sphere. Investors optimistic on the development of new hotels, apartments and resorts.Despite the positive steps that have been observed in domestic tourism, there are still some issues that hinder this progress. One is the lack of adequate hotel infrastructure. Development occurs, but it is pretty slow.

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