Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Culinary tourism - at the peak of popularity

The kitchen - that are increasingly attracting tourists in other countries. The magnificent architecture, natural resources, museums and other attractions, it turns out, fade into the background when it comes to the kitchen of a country. Tourists are increasingly interested in the culinary delights of the countries they decide posetit.Tak that culinary tourism is currently booming and is of great importance for the entire tourism industry in general.
Culinary tourism provides tourists the opportunity to get acquainted with the exotic cuisine in a certain place. It is just as important for tourists such as housing, environment, nature, etc. In addition, tourists prefer to dine al fresco. Most of them prefer the delicious local cuisine.
Food is one of the most rapidly growing interest among travelers, as reported by the International Culinary Tourism Association. Currently, the number of requests for culinary tours reached precrisis rates in 2008. It is expected that the tendency to increase the popularity of culinary tours will continue. In addition, a number of culinary tour operators around the world, which in 2003 numbered units, rose to 150 today.

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