Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dental tourism - on the rise in Poland

The number of people wishing to use health services abroad is steadily increasing. Poland is becoming a very important center for dental tourism in Europe. Patients were mainly attracted by lower prices for medical treatment.
Back in 2010 a study was carried out according to which by 2012 medical tourism revenues should reach $ 100 billion by 2012. This figure should increase to 168 billion in 2015.
It's no secret that the medical tourism is the segment that is growing steadily, despite the financial crisis. The demand for quality health care has always been, but now it is growing rapidly. Countries with the greatest potential for the development of medical tourism are in Asia and South America. The most popular destinations of medical tourism in Europe are Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania and Estonia.
The most popular among tourists are the branches of plastic surgery, cardiology and dentistry. Dental tourism is most developed in Poland, which is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in Europe. The country attracts tourists due to its high quality service and reasonable prices. Polish clinics and doctors willing to provide high quality services for international patients at lower prices than in Western Europe. During dental treatment, patients are paying only 30% of the price they would have to pay in their country.

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