Saturday, April 21, 2012

One-day business trips are becoming increasingly popular in Germany

Most business trips of Germans took only one day. The most popular hotels among business travelers - four-star. Business trips are always stressful for travelers, to a greater or lesser degree. However, one day trip is considered by experts the most uncomfortable.
In Germany the number of day trips (about 53% of total trips) has never been so high since 2003.
Total number of employees who go on business trips has been steadily declining. Four years ago there were more than a third - 35%. This number decreased to 24% in 2011. This means that more trips are distributed among fewer employees.
As for accommodation of business travelers, many of them choose Bole cost options, not wanting to spend large sums. 5-star hotels in Germany lost about 7% of domestic business guests, and in 2011 only 3% of them stayed in the most luxurious hotels. The number of business travelers who have stayed in four star hotels, on the contrary, increased by 10%.
Experts predict that companies will spend more on accommodation and flights for their employees who go on business trips.

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