Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Top Attractions of China

China is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The country attracts travelers from all over the world Eastern mysticism, exotic culture and its unique historical tradition. Compiled list of the most popular and exciting attractions Kitaya.Shanhay could not get into this rating, because the city is one of the major tourist destinations. He is one of the most important cities in China. Recently, prices are down: about 47% cheaper 5-star hotels. It can not remain without attention of tourists. Shanghai is also a city where you will find easy access to high-speed trains that can take you to the nearby historic areas of Nanjing and Hangzhou.
Xian is the ancient capital of China. The city is replete with examples of unique architecture, the most famous of which are large and small temples, the Temple of the Eight Immortals, and others.
Sanya in Hainan Province is considered one of the best places to honeymoon among domestic tourists. Here you can enjoy the beautiful clean beaches, sun and warm weather, and sunsets, which are always an exciting spectacle.
Xiahe and the Labrang Monastery is also worthy of attention of visitors. Here you can wander through a maze of narrow streets that intersect and are inconsistent with each other. People, Tibetan monks, pilgrims and locals are usually friendly. Visitors can dive into the Tibetan culture, enjoying the singing of the monks and the smell of incense fills the air.
Hua Shan in Shaanxi Province - an ideal place for lovers of mountain climbing. This - one of the five Taoist mountains in China, and as they say mountaineers, this place is really magical.

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