Friday, April 20, 2012

Magaluf - Majorca's best resort

Tourists who want to organize a beach vacation and go on holidays abroad, no doubt, must not leave unnoticed Magaluf - one of the most popular resorts in Mallorca. This - one of the most famous resorts in the south-west coast ostrova.Prichinoy Magaluf so high popularity is its bright, intense nightlife and excellent cuisine. Here gourmets will enjoy the most exquisite local cuisine and traditional products and dishes of British, Spanish and Italian cuisine.
Magaluf also offers beautiful beaches with white sand. Tourists can fully enjoy the sea and sun while relaxing on the city.
Also, the resort offers many opportunities for interesting pastime. This water sports, and local attractions that are worthy of attention of travelers. You could also organize a budget vacation, selecting a relatively inexpensive tour to Magaluf.
One of the most popular attractions is the house upside down Kathmandu, which is a Tibetan house. Here visitors can see the different rooms and hear the story of Kilgore Goode, who all his life was in search of adventure.

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