Monday, April 30, 2012

New Mexico is becoming a popular tourist destination

The government of New Mexico recently launched rebrendingovuyu campaign that aims to develop a tourist destination in the region. State Department of Tourism is largely involved in the financing industry. The campaign invested a lot of money - $ 2.5 million.
New Mexico, which belongs to the so-called Mountain states in the U.S., is becoming increasingly popular with tourists, thanks to the active position of the government, which has set a goal to promote New Mexico as a state with a rich culture and magnificent nature.
Department of Tourism predicts increase in demand for trips to New Mexico in the near future.
Previously, advertising was launched by television networks. What distinguishes the current advertising campaign from those that were launched in the past - is that now applies a more comprehensive approach involving the use of various channels of media.
The new campaign aims to dispel the perceived misconception that New Mexico is a state in which absolutely nothing to do. The Government intends to show tourists that there can be great to spend time enjoying the unique natural resources and culture.

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